I am a conscientious, creative, gregarious individual. As an ambivert, I am apt to thrive while interacting with others but also relish solitary time to work and be independently. Finding a balance between the two is important to me, and I make it a goal to satisfy both aspects of my temperament in my work and home life.

Being productive and making good use of my time is a priority for me, as is having fun and expressing my creativity. I am analytical and able to easily extract patterns from data, which helps me to excel (ha!) at budget management, coding, cataloging, and other detail-intensive tasks. Making things is my passion, whether that be knitting, sewing, gardening, punk rock, collection development, or creating a truly awesome spreadsheet. I have a curious nature and am always striving to learn more. Being future-oriented, I find strategic thinking and planning to be deeply satisfying, as I do solving complex problems and identifying trends and patterns. These skills have helped me to succeed in different types of jobs as well as in my passion projects. I am optimistic and embrace change, as I believe that striving to improve and to continue learning and growing is the key to vitality and continued success in life as well as in the workplace. I have strong verbal skills and a dry sense of humor, and I am a disciplined, logical worker but also imaginative and flexible. Leadership comes naturally to me and I thrive in positions where I can mobilize people toward shared goals. I take my work seriously but try not to do the same for myself.

I have many skills, including:

  • Drupal (4+ years)
  • HTML (18+ years)
  • III Millennium (6+ years)
  • Public speaking/professional presentations (16+ years)
  • TLC Library Solution (7+ years)
  • WordPress (5+ years)