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Anne E. HeidemannHi! I’m Anne.

I’m a librarian and a well-rounded individual with a passion for organization. I am the Tribal Education Librarian for the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan, where I’m responsible for three libraries: public, elementary school, and community college. In those libraries, I ensure access for members of the Tribe and the community to the resources they need and want. I’m excited about providing this kind of access to information and to helping people find what they need and what they didn’t yet know they needed.

In the past I’ve worked in public libraries and a community college library, helping people of all ages find information, learn new things, and enjoy being part of their community. Those things are all true of my work with the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, too, especially since each of our three locations has a unique patron base with varying needs. I’m good with technology and enjoy using such tools to improve organization, expand access, and achieve my goals.

Both at work and in my free time I like to indulge my curious nature, learn new things, and figure out how stuff works. I’m a knitting pattern designer, knitter, seamstress, quilter, gardener, musician, aspiring photographer, pop culture enthusiast, and adopter of Boston Terriers. I’m passionate about efficiency and doing the best job I can at everything I do. I believe that each individual striving to be a well-rounded person leads to a better society for everyone. You might be interested in reading my personal blog, seeing the handcrafted items my sister and I make, or looking at some of my photographs.